Follow These 4 YouTube Channels About Strength Training (If You Aren’t Already)

The Internet offers a wealth of information and advice for athletes, but, according to me, everyone should follow these 4 YouTube channels about strength training. These are my personal favorites for their unpretentious approach and technique tips that have worked for me in the squat, bench press, deadlift, and assistance exercises. I believe the information offered is particularly valuable for beginner and intermediate lifters, but that experienced lifters can also benefit from reminders about correct form, going back to basics, and the ethics of the sport. So, without further adue, here are my favorite YouTube channels about strength training (in no particular order).

Alan Thrall – Untamed Strength

With his straightforward, no-nonsense attitude and presentation, strongman Alan Thrall has quickly become a favorite in my arsenal of go-to online strength coaches. Based at the Untamed Strength gym in Sacramento, California in the “real world,” owner Alan is a Marine Corps veteran who served as a presidential security guard as well as a “World Famous” Body Bearer at Arlington National Cemetery. During his stint in the Marine Corps, Alan signed up for his first local amateur Strongman competition that led to many more Strongman competitions as well as Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting meets.

Alan’s videos focus on form and technique of the four main lifts – deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press – with the most emphasis on the first two, but other aspects of successful lifting are covered too, such as accessory exercises, dealing with setbacks and plateaus, nutrition, recovery from injury, and much more.

Youtube Channel:


Meg Squats – Strong Strong Friends

With the motto “Be More, Not Less,” internationally acclaimed powerlifter Megan Gallagher has a passionate drive to improve the self-image of ordinary people, especially women, through strength training. In her personal VLOG-like video style, Megan talks about a wide variety of topics related to getting stronger, such as improving form and technique on the main lifts and supporting exercises, reviewing equipment and accessories (e.g. BenchBlokz, knee sleeves, lifting shoes), trying out new activities to get fitter and stronger (e.g. MMA, Pilates, celebrity workouts), and tips on nutrition and lifestyle.

Meg also offers personalized training programs, which I have tried with great success, hopefully setting a solid foundation for bigger lifts. She has recently also been selected as a brand ambassador for, a huge resource for bodybuilding training information and supplement store. She has a personalized approach and goes to great lengths to motivate and inspire women to believe in themselves and be the best that they can.

Youtube Channel:


Omar Isuf

If you’ve ever scoured YouTube for fitness advice and tips, you’ve probably come across an Omar video at some point. Since 2009, this Canada-based trainer has been carving his way into the current landscape of online fitness help by offering a variety of beginner and advanced lifting advice and doling out his own training philosophy of “athletic aesthetics.” Partly using a VLOG-style video sequence and content, Omar’s approach is informative and entertaining and reflects his honest and straightforward views of the fitness industry.

After letting things slide and getting increasingly out of shape in his teens, Omar decided to change in his first year of college, setting out to get strong and “look awesome.” With an amazing transformation that is the subject of a most-watched video, he uses his personal journey to inspire thousands of people to improve their own physique and self-image through proper strength training.

Youtube Channel:

Coach Ben – Big Benchas

Nick Benerakis is a strength coach at Gaglione Strength in Long Island New York and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelors degree in exercise science. He is a nationally ranked powerlifter himself in the 198 lb weight class with a 1900 lb total which ranks 8th in the country. He also has a 675 lb Bench Press to his name. Nick specializes in coaching powerlifting but also takes pride in showing lifters how to take care of their bodies through routine stretching and myofascial release techniques.

In addition to informative videos illustrating different aspects of bench press form and technique, Coach Ben offers personalized online and in-person training, and programs to fit various abilities and ages. But, it is the valuable tips and cues that are guaranteed to improve your bench press.

Youtube Channel:


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