Powerlifting Federations, Regulations, and Schedules

SA Qualifying Standards: View/Download here

2019 WP Powerlifting Affiliation Form: View/Download here

2019 SA Powerlifting Calendar: View/Download here (as at 30/11/2018)

IPF Approved Apparel List for 2019-20222: View/download here

All IPF Results:

Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation:

SA Powerlifting:

WP Powerlifting Facebook Page:

Coaches and Training Programs

Big Benchas (Coach Ben): Online powerlifting and bench press training (including equipped)

Warren Djemal: Personal training services, including personalized remote coaching

Coan/Phillipi: 10-Week Deadlift Routine

A collection of strength training spreadsheets: Jonnie Candito, Ed Coan, Wendler, and more

Local Equipment & Gear Suppliers*

Rebel Elite Fitness:

MiFitness Gym Equipment:

SBD South Africa:

Rehband South Africa: (Import on order of equipped suits and shirts, singlets, belts, and other accessories)

Local Supplementation Suppliers*

Chrome Supplements & Accessories:

Dis-Chem Online: (decent variety of well-priced sports supplements)

Other Useful Tools, Apps, & Information

Wilks Calculator:

1RM Calculator:


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