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Supercharge Your Health With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a relatively new buzzword in health and sports nutrition, but the beneficial effects of abstaining from food for extended periods daily, specifically to burn fat, increase metabolism, and lowering insulin levels are becoming more widely known.


Your Brain on Sugar – All the Markers of an Addiction

A growing burgeon of scientific studies is demonstrating that a human brain on sugar is little different from the effects of better known addictive substance like cocaine and opioids, with impairments varying from cognitive functioning, emotional processing, cardiovascular health, and mood irregularities.

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Stacking Supplements – For Me, These 5 Are the Most Cost-Effective

Most nutritionists universally agree that getting as many nutrients from food is the preferred option but that stacking supplements are useful to make up for any shortages that may exist, especially for strength athletes. Finding cost-effective products can be a challenge; these are my five go-to supplements.


How Does Your Daily Macronutrient Intake Change When Banting?

For a long time, health practitioners and educators have advocated a diet with carbohydrates as the cornerstone but there is an upsurge in evidence that low-carb high-fat diets offer important health and performance benefits. This article illustrates how to adjust your daily macronutrient intake when banting or on an LCHF diet.